EMS Doing Away With AHA?

What if EMS decided to no longer use AHA certification for CPR and ACLS? Let’s say they decided to use AHA as a base but implemented their own training and testing based on current research and what they see to be working.

Well there are agencies out there who are trying this.

Check out this weeks episode for the hosts opinion on this and more. Is it a patient care thing, a financial thing or something else?

Here is link to Jim Op-ed article at EMS World

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Merit Badges Determining Standard Of Care and…

EMS1This weeks episode contained a few hot topics in EMS news, the standard of care and how merit badges play into it all. Plus the EMT and police issue in NYC AND we went off the rails a bit with a discussion on scene positioning and prior planning.

Thanks to Josh and Tim Noonan for joining in the conversation and to John Broyles for keeping the chat room going.

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Click here for the link to Tim’s post on Merit badges and standard of care.

Managing The Airway In CPR

Quality compression’s make the difference in CPR. Everything else like advanced airways and medications come second with more and more saying that these shouldn’t even come at all. This weeks Minutes I give a few key points to think about when using advanced airway management during CPR.

Should EMT’s Take ACLS?

ems acls educationBased on a discussion I saw on LinkedIn, I give my take on whether EMT’s should be taking an ACLS course. While advancing our education is what we should all strive for, can obtaining EMS education above our scope hurt or help us? What are your thoughts?



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EMS Cardiac Arrest With ROSC

The VRM assists another paramedic on a witnessed cardiac arrest call. While there was ROSC, find out what the VRM felt was more important to note about this call.