Being Flexible On Your Next Intubation

I wanted to share this EMS1 video with you and talk about what I took away from it. Take look and check out these paramedic intubation tips and be sure to post your own tips or techniques below.


Watch the original EMS1 video here.

Managing The Airway In CPR

Quality compression’s make the difference in CPR. Everything else like advanced airways and medications come second with more and more saying that these shouldn’t even come at all. This weeks Minutes I give a few key points to think about when using advanced airway management during CPR.

More EMS Intubation Help

Are you a master at endotracheal intubation? Have a high success rate? Even so, this short 5 minute video can help make it even higher. I found this sample video and although  there is a faint watermark displayed, it is a great review even for the best of us. Check out the video creators for even more samples here.

I didn’t do a audio this week since my voice is all messed up from a cold. So, enjoy the video and I will be back next week.