Who Drives Your Ambulance?

During this lively episode Jim, Dave and Josh discuss EMS staffing with an EMT/Driver, an EMS first as a new EMT and touch on effective CPR compression/depth ratio.

Yeah this one was a little scattered but hey, thats why it’s called Office Hours. Anything goes.

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EMT, Paramedic or Just Driving Miss Daisy?

ambulance1MMEvery once in awhile we like to talk about the whole ambulance driver name tag. Should we care and why? Does it matter and the perception that gets us there.

But don’t we own part of the reason we are called Ambulance Drivers? With EMS Facebook pages touting Taxi this and shucking that, its no wonder we can’t shake the name. Plus the fact that the bulk of the call types we get really don’t leave us with much else to do but drive the ambulance.

A sensitive topic for sure. Take a listen to this one and share your thoughts and suggestions on how we shed this brand we have made for ourselves once and for all.

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The October Rapid Fire Show

This is a monthly favorite. Join us as we discuss hot topics on the web and the blogosphere. Anything goes and you never know who is going to show up.

This time around we discuss when to slap a patient and why a blanket isn’t good for anyone.

Show Notes

Thanks to Dave, Walter, Joe and John for joining us and lending their insight.

The Hudson Valley Paramedic Association

Dave Aber from EMS Difference

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

John Broyles from the 1 Union 801 podcast

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EMS Continuing Education

EMS Continuing Education


EMS Rapid Fire Show | September Edition

Time again for another monthly Rapid Fire episode where we will discuss popular EMS articles and topics in the news, on the blogs and general webosphere. Now I didn’t get to all the topics I wanted but we did have a lively talk about being called an ambulance driver, uniforms, perception <– yes again, and being vocal about your EMS system.

Show notes

Thanks to Tim Noonan, Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp and John Broyles for joining me on the call.

Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.

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Trying To Focus On What Is Important

This weeks live podcast “We Want Steak But Settle For Spam” tried to answer the question on why when it comes to EMS, it seems we pay more attention and put more energy into topics that really won’t help us as professionals? Like Spam that special meat that satisfies for the moment but not what we really want. It seems more commentary is given to whether we are called ambulance drivers or EMT’s rather than focusing on topics like intubation success, the drugs we use and treatments we give. Sure it’s out there. Just like that nice T Bone steak or fresh lobster. But we settle for the Spam, the stuff that just gets us by, not what really matters and not what we should want as a profession. I wonder what’s your opinion on why this is. What can we do to start targeting the real issues facing the EMS profession?

Show notes

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU.com

Tim Noonan – Roguemedic.com

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