ED EMS Wait Times and DC EMS NYE Sickout

EMS How long have you waited for a bed at the ED? Did you or should you continue all patient care while you wait? We discussed this on the show along with the NYE DC EMS sick out where more than 100 providers called in sick on New Years Eve, coincidence or deliberate? Take a listen and post your thoughts below in the comments.

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EMS1 – DC call out

Blog post by Bob over at EMS Patient Perspective

Thanks to Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan and John Broyles for joining in the conversation.

Responding Lights and Sirens, Due Regard and Expectations

Office Hours was joined this week by Tim Noonan and Tom Bouthillet. The discussion focused on using lights and sirens while responding to EMS assignments. Key points like due regard, approaching red lights and provider judgment where brought up. We also talked a little about public perception and litigation. Take a listen and post your EMS lights and sirens response stories, policies and ideas.

Show notes:

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Do You Have An EMS “BS” Meter?

When responding to that 911 call, do you have a pre conceived notion of what the call will be? Do you start to judge and consider certain call types as “BS”? Should we do this and how can we avoid getting that tunnel vision and end up overlooking key clinical presentations? Take a listen and be sure to share your story or insight into this topic below in the comments.


Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

Mark Albert – EMSMedRX


Do You Have A Zero Accident Attitude?

Following an email from Greg Friese about EMS provider safety, I wanted to expand on his one idea of a Zero Accident Attitude or ZAA. This is something all first responders should be doing not only for their safety, but for the public as well. Take a listen and check out my reminders on this.

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Everyday EMS Tips

VRM – Rollover – Importance of EMS Re-assessment

This code three response to a single vehicle rollover demonstrates the importance of re-assessment of your patients and keeping your thought process going as a paramedic and good EMS provider.

A Few Realities Of EMS – It’s Not Puppy Dogs And Ice Cream Cones

I want to touch on some realities of EMS. Just as a reminder that while what we see, read or hear are great ways to get our thoughts going and provoke change there are some realities of EMS we have to face in the meantime, despite what we may want or even feel.

Show notes:

A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver – Everybody Has A Diagnosis

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