The Right EMS Equipment, The Right Call

EMS2Do you bring in every piece of equipment on every call?

Or do you make judgements based on call types, locations or experience?

This weeks podcast I am joined by EMS educator and blogger Rommie Duckworth and we talked about what is the right equipment to bring in on EMS calls.

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EMS Zebra Hunting Or Doing What’s Right?

This week we revisit a bit the idea of Zebra Hunting in EMS. Do you see more paramedics needing to do interventions than others? Do they have more patients who need saving or are they over reacting or hunting for something that isn’t there?

Take a listen to this episode and give your opinion below

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Josh from

Tim Noonan from

EMS Protocol Deviation

When do you deviate from your EMS protocols? When is it right  to do so? Many systems leave it vague on how to handle this aspect of EMS and most training and education doesn’t cover why, when or where we should be considering it.

Words like “may, consider, withhold” make it very hit or miss. Add to that the various interpretations by state, regional or even in house QA/QI and you can have providers treating patients in the interest of self preservation and not the best interest of the patient.

This was a great episode and each guest had thoughtful input on this passionate topic.

Show notes

David Aber – The EMS Difference

Bob Sullivan – EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic

Articles worth checking out

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Focus People

Great things are happening in EMS. New drugs, expanded protocols, high tech equipment. At the same time we deal with drug shortages, out dated and unproven standards of care and almost self sabotage of ourselves in the media, constantly putting up with the lowest common denominator in our ranks.

We need to find our focus. Sure work on the new stuff but maybe concentrate on the older issues too that are holding us back as a profession and as providers, lending for less than optimal patient care. How are you and your agency focusing on more steps forward and less steps back.

Should We Lie To Patients?

When your patient asks if he is having a heart attack, do you tell him, no matter how bad the 12 lead looks? Have you ever avoided these quesions, told white lies or just plain lied in what you thought was the best interest to the patient? What do you think? When does a patients stress level or anticipated reacition influence what or how you tell them?


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Tim Noonan – RogueMedic

EMS Web Summit – Free Live Online EMS Web Conference

Whose Patient Is This Anyway?

EMS goes beyond just you and your partner. Other EMS agencies, first responders, law enforcement and even doctors all may be a part of your next call. How do you deal with this interaction, decide on patient care and transport? Is it as simple as higher medical authority? Should it be? Listen to this episode and post your inter-agency interactions, patient treatment & transport decisions and whose patient is it anyway in the comments below.


Show Notes:

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp at

EMS Continuing Education

EMS Continuing Education


Communication Failures | Part IV The ED

In this final installment on communication and interaction with various elements in EMS. We will discuss the ED. You know -nurses, techs, doctors. How does communication with these fellow healthcare providers help us in patient care? Does our interaction with the ED end up reflecting on the EMS profession? Listen in and share your experiences and tips on better communication with your favorite nurse or Doc.


Look At The Patient, Not Your Watch

Should we be concerned about meeting a time line like “The Golden Hour”? What about focusing more on what the patient looks like, what they need and what would be the safest way to provide them appropriate care and transport.

Check out this article over at


Speaking of trauma. Join us this week for a discussion on IV access in trauma patients. Do they really need 2 large bore IV’s? Motivated by a recent article, this should be a good discussion.

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How Big Or Little Should EMS Treatment Go?

Ever notice how some EMS providers do everything to it’s maximum while others go at a slower, smaller pace? Which is right and which is wrong. Is there a right and wrong? Listen in on this weeks lively discussion on drug dosages, IV sizes and more.


Show guests:

Mark Albert

Tim Noonan

Josh Knapp

When Patients Attack, Handling Unexpected Confrontations

One role of the EMS provider is caring for emotionally disturbed patients. Most of these calls go without incident, with little more than some creative writing. But what about when that calm EDP decides he or she wants to rough house? What do you do? Following written guidelines can be tricky in these situations. Listen as Jim and Josh Knapp  discuss what really should be obvious points when dealing with these patients.

What are your agency policies with emotionally disturbed patients? How do you personally handle these situations? Post your thoughts below.

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Watch this video for some interesting stats.