Have A Heartbeat? You’re Hired

If you’ve ever applied or know someone who has for a law enforcement or fire fighter position? You may have noticed that before you are hired for these jobs, you have to pass various evaluations. Everything from psychological to fitness and competency exams. While EMS may not have the same type of job skills that police or fire do, it certainly is a demanding job with all it’s own variables. Including being in the public trust. Yet there is often very little in the way of pre employment screening, physical or competency exams given to EMS providers before employment. It seems as long as there is a “pulse” that person can get hired and have access to all the equipment, vehicles and patients their heart desires.

What what your EMS employment process? Do you feel it is adequate or not enough? Listen to the show and be sure to leave your thoughts on this below.


Show notes:

David Aber from EMS Difference

Tim Noonan Rogue Medic.

Article on EMS System Abuse discussed during the show.