Sharing Your EMS Secrets

It’s where is really happens right? We discuss the calls on the way there, we discuss them afterwards and we talk about everything EMS in that little space in the ambulance. It is pretty intimate when you think about it. It almost beckons us to tell our true opinions, our life stories and dreams to people we barely know.

But does what we say in that small private area stay there? While many feel it should, often it doesn’t. Depending on the system you work in, it could be a partner issue or lack of one that helps all those private thoughts and comments get shared. Yet we still share.

Do you? Have you found yourself trying not to share and then realize you are when its too late?

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A Peek Inside My New Ambulance

I did this FB live video below and talked about my new ambulance and some of the things I thought could be better. I also pointed out that nothing is perfect but adapting is important. Some on FB took that as a bitching session. I disagree. Watch it and let me know what you think.

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Maintaining Our Health As EMS Professionals

17emsofficeInterview with Dr. Jennifer Milus. Discussion on the health of EMS providers and how we can stay healthy and injury free in our fast paced environment.  This is a reboot from he old AT days and my fledgling podcast days.

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Which EMS “P” Are You?

Medic partnersWhere do you put yourself working in EMS? I think it can come down to three key self titles.

Provider – the person that does the job, does it well and looks for that paycheck, the job security.

Professional – still does a great a job, expects the paycheck but also goes above the basics. Seeks out training, knowledge and interaction with other EMS folks.

Evangelist – beating the drum of all that is EMS. Absorbing as much education as you can, taking part in out of work activities. Spreading the good word of EMS where ever you go.

So where do you fit in? Maybe you are a little of all three.

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EMS podcast

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Is The EMT’s Job Safer, Less Demanding? When Should Medics Change Careers?

EMS1The last show of 2012. The year went by fast and the show has gained many new listeners. We end this year with a look at a few popular topics in EMS. Including the new outlook for EMT employment, when a medic should be a PA and a few other hot items in the EMS interwebs.

Take a listen as Jim, Josh, Bob talk about these topics and are joined by John Broyles over in the chat room.

Show notes:

Here are the articles mentioned during the show

Bob Sullivan on when its time to become a PA

The Social Medic post on the miraculous improvement in EMT job outlook.



Psychiatric Patients | Medical, Mental or Both?

Is it Emergency Medical Services or Mental Services? I’m not sure about where you work but by me, psychiatric calls are just as abundant as chest pain calls and MVC’s. Pretty much the one call you can count on every shift.

This week we talk about transporting the psychiatric patient, why EMS is saddled with this often “expensive taxi ride” that stresses providers and the system resources. Is more training for EMS the answer, better utilization of non emergency resources or perhaps a smarter approach to each patient including how and where we transport them.

Show notes

Thanks to Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp, Brian Breithaupt and Walter Dusseldorp for joining in. Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.

Here is a position paper by National Association of EMS Physicians that was offered up by Joe P. in the chat room

Patient Restraint in EMS

EMS patient rapport



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I welcome your comments and spirited debate below.

EMS Humor. Unique or Uncalled For?

I’m sure you have heard of gallows humor. You hear it in various professions and EMS is no different. Some use it as a coping mechanism, others as a way to bond and express frustration about the job with their peers.  Is there a line that can get crossed? Does it make you an uncaring provider of you use it? We also talked a little about practical jokes in EMS and gave some examples you should not try at home.

Join me and Josh as we discuss this along with Tim Noonan the Rogue Medic.

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Surviving Sandy, EMS Disaster Response and Recovery

Take a listen to this episode as Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan and I discuss Hurricane Sandy and how it effected EMS in the Northeast. We were also joined by Rob the PIO from Sussex Cty Delaware who gave us some great insight into how they prepared for Sandy, things that had be changed on the fly and how the used social media like Facebook and Twitter to inform the community on a minute by minute basis on Sandy and the resources available. Thanks to John Broyles and Epijunkie for joining us in the chat room.

Show Notes:

EMS Family Resources – This is a nationwide support group for EMS. Visit, join and consider making a donation.

NIEHS webpage for Hurricane Sandy

OSHA page on hurricane preparedness and response.

Be sure to share your resources in the comments as well. A growing list of support resources, how to help both victims and EMS agencies affected by this disaster can make this a great overall resource for many others.

ems facebook

Is EMS One Big Toxic Environment?

I think we can all agree that EMS is a tough job. Patients, family members, nurses, docs, police, fire, the UPS guy. All the things that can make our jobs easier or harder, depending on many variables.

Add to that what seems to be an often toxic work environment, its no wonder it gets to be a kill or be killed theme out there. Every man and woman for themselves.

So in this episode, we ask why are our work environments so toxic? What underlines the causes and what are some key things we can do as individuals and as a group to make things better?

Show Notes

Thanks to Bob, Dave, Joe and John for joining us and lending their insight.

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Dave Aber from EMS Difference

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

John Broyles from the 1 Union 801 podcast

Articles mentioned

After Hours | The Secret Files

This week both Josh and I had some pressing engagements so we couldn’t do a live show. So, I went and pulled some audio from recordings we did at some of the “after hours” of the live episodes.

Take a listen to these never before heard recordings on topics like EMT’s that steal, pronouncing patients DOA when they are not, ICS, MCI drills and EMS mentoring.

Show notes

Josh Knapp at WANTYNU

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