Anatomy & Physiology P1 | EMS Quick Study

EMS study guide on anatomy and physiology. This first installment in the A&P area focuses on the systems of the body and what is located within the various sections of the body.

Check out the printed resource mentioned in the video by clicking here.

Overview of Respiration | Quick Help Resource

This weeks Minutes, I am giving a quick overview on the respiratory and ventilation functions along with some things you should think about when assessing a patient complaining of difficulty breathing.  This is only about 13 minutes long, but I hope will help give you a refreshing view and motivate you to study and review further. Be sure to post your own tips and assessment ideas below.
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The Nervous System In 5 Minutes

This Monday Minutes I am introducing a new feature where I will cover a small niche area of EMS that is aimed to help you review the topic and point out key areas that can help you on exams, during patient care and understand what you can expect to see and how your care can effect your patients.

This week – The Nervous System. While this certainly can’t be covered in five minutes, this episode will hopefully help point out those key areas that you may see on your next EMS exam.

Human Heart Anatomy Animation

I found this this interactive infographic that explains the anatomy and function of the human heart. Find out how the blood flows through the different chambers and valves, and visualize the blood flow using the scroll bar. I thought it was pretty cool and a little different.

The Human Heart Animated Explanations