Anticipation Can Be Everything In EMS

Being able to anticipate things in EMS can be helpful. When you think about it, you can actually try and anticipate many things in your EMS day. By doing this you will find yourself better prepared what you find even if you didn’t actually anticipate it.

Take a listen to this weeks episode to see what I mean below.

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Asthma | EMS Patient Assessment

This episode focuses on some key points when assessing your asthma patient. Part of a larger download over at Turbo Medic it gives some important elements when doing your EMS patient assessment on the asthmatic patient. It even talks how you can begin your assessment before you even get to the patients side.

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Communication Failures | Part 1 – Medics

A common point that gets brought up on Office Hours is how we “own” much of what we do. Often, our communication with each other as EMS providers and fellow health care professionals can cause issues in patient care, daily operations and even in a career. The first part in this series will discuss how paramedics communicate with each other. Come listen in on this episode for ideas on better communication, approaches to issues that arise on the job and how we can take some first steps to improve common communication issues for better patient care and beyond.



Show notes:


Tim Noonon – The Rogue Medic

Josh Knapp –