Why EMS Providers Resist Knowledge

I was joined by Mike Pertz this week on the show and we discussed a variety of topics. One of them being why EMS providers resist increasing their knowledge base unless it is exam time or mandated by their job or certification.

Mike is a contributor to FireRescue1.com and he has a great tool for EMS providers to help with pediatric patients called SmartSquad and you can get more information on that tool here.

He gave some unique insight into this topic I am sure you will enjoy.

He is also the owner of FireFighterNow.com which helps those who want to become firefighters pass those exams.

This was a great episode so be sure to lean forward and listen below.

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Recalling Pediatric Vital Signs

If you have ever looked at the Broselow Tape or pediatric vital sign charts, you may have noticed that there is a pretty wide range of values to remember. It’s important to note that a pediatric patients vital signs are not the only indication of illness or injury and you must look at the whole patient and use these tools as guidelines.

What tools, apps or guides do you use when dealing with pediatric patients in EMS? Post them below in the comments.

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