Changing BSI & Scene Safety | Oh yeah… Zombies

EMS1This episode talks about using the zombie apocalypse, changing how EMS does scene safety and BSI training. Plus Jims idea for his on duty Halloween costume.


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Do You Know MRSA?

This week I talk about what MRSA is, how you can get it and more importantly how to avoid getting it.


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OBL Dead. Now Is Not The Time To Let Our Guard Down

wmd awareness

Courtesy Steven Kanarian 2011, Safety First 4T's MCI Response

With the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, we can finally relax right? Not so fast, safety is still a long way off. It is still vitally important that we keep our vigilance and maintain our own personal safety as EMS providers. That can be easier said than done. How do you approach potentially high profile assignments? Are you on the alert for secondary devices, potential traps and hazards that may not appear to be “out of place”? Listen to Jim and his guests
Tim Noonan, Josh Knapp and Steven Kanarian during this Office Hours as they talk a little about preparation, following rules and truly keeping safety in the balance.

Show Notes:


Josh Knapp of

Tim Noonan the Rogue Medic

Steven Kanarian from


Greg Frieses Terror Related MCI tips can be found here

The free recorded webcast with Steven Kanarian is located here

FEMA Site – This has various links to more information including online training discussed in the podcast.

Webbased self study course on Emergency Response to Terrorism is here.

Scene Size Up BSI….. Really?

The terms scene safety/size up & BSI are said during every skills testing station and is usually part of a question in every EMS exam. But is it just a mantra we say over and over for testing purposes or do we really think about it? I mean really. This week I utter a few words on this topic and would love to hear your scene safety/size up tips and ideas that keep you safe and on track.