Diabetic Emergencies | HHNC | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This EMS study video episode focuses on HHNC or Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Non Ketotic Coma. Get key elements on this diabetic emergency and EMS study help that you will see on exams and help move your EMS knowledge needle.


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Diabetic Emergencies | Hyperglycemia | DKA | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This session of the Monday Minutes focuses on DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Great review for diabetic emergencies and hyperglycemia patients. This video is geared to help you build your EMS paramedic knowledge and pass EMS exams successfully.


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Diabetic Emergencies | Hypoglycemia | EMS Quick Study Help

Use these EMS study tips to help you pass EMS exams and build your knowledge base. This installment focuses on the hypoglycemic diabetic patient.


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Diabetic Emergencies | Types and Causes | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the Monday Minutes focuses on Diabetic emergencies. Part one covers key elements like types, common names and causes. 


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EMS Study Help | Diabetic Types

This Monday Minutes covers types of diabetes. Understanding the differences between Type I and Type II can help you in your patient assessments, documentation and even when taking exams. Watch this quick 10 minute video and be sure to share, Like and comment.


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EMS Diabetic Patient Tips

Here is a quick overview of hyper and hypoglycemia. Some key points to look for during your patient assessment and advice on a few other AMS causes.

Dextrose, Dementia – The Difference.

Ever get the call where a patient has both diabetes and dementia and the call is for a change in mental status? When encountering these patients, it is very important to get a complete history leading up to the event such as last meal, medication administration, and if the change is sudden or gradual. In this weeks Mondays Minutes I wanted to touch on these two topics and how they can affect us as EMS professionals in the field.

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