Where does your EMS duty start and stop?

When you are off duty, what would you respond to? Would you help the “disheveled person lying on the sidewalk?”

What is your off duty story?

Watch the video or listen below. 

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When They Ask For A Doctor and You Show Up

EMS This is a great reboot session with Greg Friese and remember that EMS Boot Camp sessions can now be found at EMSSEO.com.
For this episode we ask: “Have you ever helped the man down, stopped at an MVA or even performed CPR while off duty?”

As EMS professionals we sometimes find ourselves in a position to act while off duty.
For this Office Hours Greg and Jim talked a little about doing just that. You never know when someone may call out “Is there a doctor in the house?”. You would probably be surprised that they would prefer an EMT anyway.

I would love to hear your off duty story. Share it below in the comments.

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EMS Medicolegal P1 | EMS Quick Study

This weeks Monday Minutes focuses on the new EMS Quick Study series. This week is part one of Medicolegal Aspects. Remember, this is designed for quick terms and topic refresher. Great for a last minute exam review. You can get full presentations on many topics like this at Turbo Medic.

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