Laying The Groundwork For ECG Success

I’ve been messaging a lot this week about basics and building upon the fundamentals before getting into what can be the sexy stuff of many EMS topics. Here is a quick FaceBook Live video I did were I talk about this in regards to reading ECG’s. [Read more…]

ECG Recognition | 3 X 3

This weeks Monday Minutes breaks away from the EMS quick tips and focuses on three ECG recognition tips that will keep you on track and alert you to abnormalities when looking at those ECG tracings. Some may think these are basic tips. But you must master the basics, the normal before you can recognize the abnormal.

Take a look and you will see what I mean.

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Nice To Know ECG Tips | The J Wave

Some of the ECG information we learn and take in as EMS providers are nice to know. Meaning it doesn’t always change how we treat a patient. After all we have to treat the patient and not the monitor right? The J wave or Osborne wave while not a treatable abnormality, can let us in on what may be going on with a patient, giving us a bigger picture to work with.

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