EMS 12 Leads | Tips On D2BT

We have the LifePak, the Zoll, the Phillips monitors. All capable of performing 12 lead ECG’s. Identifying and transmitting the potential STEMI tracing to the ED and PCI center can reduce the D2BT or “Door to balloon time”. Yet as providers we don’t always use this valuable tool soon enough. By using it sooner rather than later we can effectively reduce the D2BT and have better outcomes for our patients.

Check out this weeks video for some tips on reducing D2BT and be sure to post your tips and thoughts below as well.

Links mentioned in the video

The free 12 lead pocket card

12 Lead ECG Challenge

Rapid Interpretation of 12 Lead ECGs


Electrical Path Of Heart and ECG Complex

[vsw id=”39856468″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


This is a nice quick video and shows the electrical path of the heart and how it relates to what you see on the EKG paper or monitor. While the music is a bit much, I think its a  cool take on it.

I suggest making it full screen for a better view and watch it once or twice to see how they correlated the images.

I have another EKG training resource you can check out that covers all this in detail and goes over everything from normal sinus rhythm to complete heart blocks. I think its  one of the best resources to master EKG readings and prepare you for more advanced stuff like 12 leads. Click here to check out this EKG resource now.