Thinking About The C-Spine

This weeks Monday Minutes offers a quick EMS mini-refresher on the C-spine. Noting key areas you should think about when assessing your patient with a potential spinal injury as an EMT or Paramedic.


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Trying To Focus On What Is Important

This weeks live podcast “We Want Steak But Settle For Spam” tried to answer the question on why when it comes to EMS, it seems we pay more attention and put more energy into topics that really won’t help us as professionals? Like Spam that special meat that satisfies for the moment but not what we really want. It seems more commentary is given to whether we are called ambulance drivers or EMT’s rather than focusing on topics like intubation success, the drugs we use and treatments we give. Sure it’s out there. Just like that nice T Bone steak or fresh lobster. But we settle for the Spam, the stuff that just gets us by, not what really matters and not what we should want as a profession. I wonder what’s your opinion on why this is. What can we do to start targeting the real issues facing the EMS profession?

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EMS Patient Assessment | Skin

ems trauma assessment tipsThis patient assessment sign is discussed during this Monday Minutes session. Remember, assessment of the patients skin during your primary EMS assessment can give you clues to the patients circulatory status. See the video version over at youtube