EMS Patient Identification Cards

Here is a new emergency identification card being used in NYS – The Yellow Dot Program. With a unique identifier for responders, it can make it easy for emergency personnel to locate vital information when a victim can’t speak or respond. Do you have something similar in your area?

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Playing In The Sandbox While Focusing On The Mission

Each day we pretty much do our jobs with minimal interactions with other agencies like Fire or Police. Sometimes though we end up in situations where close coordination and clear communication is needed between agencies to get the job done and do it in a safe manner for both victims and providers.

Too often though these highly stressful and not so common situations can cause confusion, agency turf wars and dare I say, hurt feelings.

A recent issue in NYC got me to thinking that perhaps giving some opinion to this matter is well worth an Office Hours episode. Listen as Tim Noonan, Josh Knapp and myself talk about inter agency conflicts, paid vs. volunteer, Fire, Police and getting along in the sandbox. Share your story or thoughts on this topic below in the comments.

Show notes:

Tim Noonan – RogueMedic

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU.com

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If You Pay For An ER Appointment, Is There An Emergency?

ems patient care transportWith more emergency departments being overwhelmed with patients. Some are trying to alleviate the amount of people showing up at specific times. Doing things like texting people wait times and even allowing people to pay for an off peak appointment. Will this have any effect on EMS or is this just hospitals responding to an overload of non emergent ED visits. Won’t this just encourage more non emergent visits? Checkout this podcast below and give your take on this topic and how you think EMS will be helped or hurt by these initiatives.

Great chat room interaction and a few non EMS callers that made it interesting.

Show Notes:


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