Choosing Who Lives, Who Dies and Gets Picked Up In EMS

Do we choose who lives and dies in EMS or are we just following guidelines, made up my people who are out of touch with reality, research and medicine? Policies enforced with a legal eye and no regard for the patient and their outcomes.

There is a lot that goes with this story and others like it. Phrases like DNR, duty to act and more get thrown around. But there is an issue with this call that goes beyond CPR, deciding who gets it, when they get it or IF they get it.

Join us for this episode as we discuss the CPR, DNR, CCRC’s and the bigger underlying issue that we as EMS professionals face everyday with agencies like them.

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My 12 Lead ECG Secret | Why I Love EMS Bloggers

Before I tell you my 12 lead ECG secret I want to tell you how much I love EMS Bloggers. You know every profession, every industry has its experts, it’s leaders. While they all work in the same field they have people that love a particular facet of it, who master a key part of what they do or who are a champion for a cause. This is part of why I love EMS bloggers. Each has their own way of maybe getting a point across,  focusing on an element of EMS or even how areas outside of EMS can play a part in our every day activities.

Think about someone like Rogue Medic, who has points of view that many of us can agree with, but who also takes a hardline view on topics that while we agree, are not always that easy to change, implement or act upon. The good news is that his postings get people involved, get them thinking and bring to light things that many in EMS just ignore and keep going along to get along.

What about The Social Medic and Droid Medic? These are great blogs that bring those outside areas into EMS and show how they effect us or how we can better use them in the EMS environment.

Greg Friese from Everyday EMS Tips has great articles on nice quick tips you can use in EMS everyday <– Get it? But Greg also gives us a look at EMS conferences and expos and how to get the most out them and I love getting a peek inside his day to day activities as well. Did you know he just ran the NYC Marathon?

Here at EMS Office Hours I try and engage listeners and visitors on topics in EMS and also try and give some insight into things that help me and people I know in EMS and hope that they can use them or even format them into their own personal style. I’m not always right, a lot is based on my opinion or experience. But I hope like Rouge Medic it gets you thinking and talking to your EMS peers.

So, while I offer study help, training guidance and a lot of information on all things EMS. I’m not an expert in everything that is EMS. This is why I love the EMS blog world. I can draw on these experts, opinions and nationwide points of view  when doing my podcast, creating posts and even with products and services on my EMS SEO website. Take mastering 12 Lead ECG interpretation for instance. Here is a topic that while yes, I can read 12 leads and identify a STEMI, there is so much on this  topic and so far that you can go into it that it’s great to have someone like Tom Bouthillet from to draw from. I often turn to his blog for help on those 12 leads I come across that just don’t fit the textbook version of a STEMI or ECG irregularity.

Tom has great case studies there and if you visit his blog often you will soon find yourself being more and more comfortable with reading 12 leads, how patients present with varying rhythms and what treatment may or may not do.

Listen, I guess it may not be such a secret about Tom’s blog. But if you haven’t been there in awhile, be sure to bookmark it and visit often. You never know, the next patient you have may fit into one of the cases posted there.

I have posted some links below to other blog favorites and to Tom’s Iphone App “12 Lead ECG Challenge”. Tom teamed up with Limmer Creative on this and so far it’s got all great reviews.  This is a great app for your Iphone or Ipad and gives 150 sample ECG’s and the patients they came from. Pretty cool right?

There is also a web based app that you can view on your computer and it works on your smart phones too. You just have to be logged in and have an internet connection when using it.  What Iphone or Droid doesn’t have that nowadays?

As a side note, I have partnered with Limmer Creative with Turbo Medic and now premium members can get the 12 Lead ECG Challenge web based app as part of their premium membership at Turbo Medic.

Do you see your favorite EMS blog here? If not post yours in the comments and be sure to tell me why you love it and what people can expect from it.

Other EMS Blogs I visit regularly

The EMT Spot
Happy Medic
Hybrid Medic
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Ambulance Junkie
A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver
Paramedicine 101
Life Under The Lights

The 12 Lead ECG Challenge – if you check out the left side bar you will see the three app versions there. There is a special 20% off promo code for the web based app.

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