Finally, An App Just For EMS By EMS

This episode of the podcast is joined by Paramedic Matthew Monahemi, one of the founders of MURU. This new app is focused on the EMS provider. Super easy to use and the best part?

It is tailored to you the user.

Watch this episode to see how this all got started and get an inside look at the app itself. BTW – It’s free right now.

From the website:

“As medics ourselves, we were tired of getting solutions built for fire, police, or hospitals and repurposed for EMS. We treat patients alone or with one other clinician in situations a hospital will assign a whole team for. We’re sometimes treated as taxis, yet hospitals hold us to the same standards as their residents. We need solutions built from the ground up for us.”

Listen or watch below

Find out more, sign up and get the app at

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