Making Mistakes In EMS

Have you ever made a mistake as an EMT or Paramedic? Ever felt burnt out?

This episode of the podcast talks about some of Jim’s and Josh’s mistakes and how Jim avoided burnout many years ago. Plus how mistakes are best handled not if, but when you make them.

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Are You A Brain Dump Medic?

man-discuss-01During this weeks episode we discuss what a brain dump medic is, why they exist and how you can avoid becoming one. This along with how to stay motivated in EMS with education… yes education.

Plus Jim’s idea on how he is going to combine EMS training, fun, vacation and his new bikini waxing class.

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ambulance1MMThis week we discuss post traumatic stress disorder in EMS. How do we deal with it, how does it effect us and our performance in the field? Listen to this episode below as Jim, Josh and guest Dave Brenner as they discuss this and other EMS stress related topics.

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Do You Have An EMS Fall Back Plan?

You love EMS right? The great schedule, high pay, low stress. But what if you couldn’t do it anymore? What would you do? Do you have any plans or ideas on how you would survive or even fill that need to help others?  Injuries, age and burnout can be factors that force you to stop working in EMS. So this week we talk about fall back plans, options and ways to extend your EMS life.


Show notes:

Thanks to Tim, Dave, and John for joining us and lending their insight.

Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic

Dave Aber from EMS Difference

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

John Broyles from the 1 Union 801 podcast

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Is There Really A Generation Gap In EMS?

This latest Office Hours talks about the perceived generation gap in EMS. Is this a real thing or is it a way to excuse “burnout”? Wouldn’t the term “Interested vs. Disinterested” be more accurate? Listen in and let Jim know if you like turkey and and how you would handle the call he mentioned in this episode.


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