Is Turnover Hurting EMS?

Is EMS the stepping stone to other professions? Do providers leave EMS to pursue better career options when they find so few in EMS. Sometimes its not about pay. It can be about career movement, job satisfaction and options for the long haul.

Is teaching and supervisory positions the only rungs in the ladder?

Check out this podcast reboot and leave your thoughts below.


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Longevity In EMS

The salty dog, the medic everyone calls Doc. What does it take to have longevity in EMS? What changes for that provider who has ten, twenty or more years in the industry? EMS professionals who keep doing the job year after year have a vested interest in the future of the industry. At least they should have. Have you been in EMS for over 10 years? What keeps you going, what are your hopes and do you try and pass your experience and goals to the younger generation? Take a listen and be sure to share your thoughts, goals and how you have seen EMS change over the years in the comments below.


Show notes:

Josh Knapp from WANTYNU

Bob Sullivan from EMS Patient Perspective

Check out Skip Kirkwood’s JEMS Connect page

Steve Whitehead over at The EMT Spot <– mentioned by Bob and Jim

Below is the link for the book Resuscitate by Mickey Eisenberg