EMS Pay, Career and Education…. Again

This week Jim is joined by both Josh and Dave. We talk about everyones favorite EMS subject, pay, education and career options. However I don’t think this is your average talk on the subject. Take a listen below and be sure to share, leave a comment or subscribe to the podcast.

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Being A Big City Paramedic

Big city medic problems

When your new in EMS you might want to be that paramedic in a big city. Check out this episode (9 mins) and listen to a big city medic story and how things like an overdose are the same no matter what city you may be in or how long you have been in EMS

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Life and Death Matters | The Podcast Interview

This week I interview Samuel and Christian Adams who are the authors of the book “Life & Death Matters. Professionalism and Decision Making for the First Responder”.

This was a great episode and I picked a few sections of the book to discuss with them like assimilation, doing things with intention and being an effective and professional preceptor.

Take a listen and be sure to grab your copy of the book via their website or Amazon links below.

Check out Christian and Samuels website for more info here.

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EMS Partners vs. Coworkers

Have you felt the difference between when you work with a steady partner versus when you work with just another paramedic or EMT that you don’t really know. Watch this short video to get some insight and a quick read from Buff to Burnt on the topic.


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Being Perfect In EMS For One Second

EMS calls can be hard at times and you might feel like you are losing control of a scene or patient care. But what if you could be perfect for just one second?

It can make that EMS call, patient care and even your day to day life a success. Take a listen below


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EMS Student, Preceptor Education Balance

Being an EMS paramedic or EMT student is tough. Yet being a preceptor is equally hard. I see too many of each not approaching common struggles the right way. Which leads to frustration and overwhelm and even having students quit their studies.

This episode of the podcast I talk a bit about how to balance it all out and how everyone has to be accountable.

Take a listen below

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Hierarchy of EMS | Where Do You Fit In?

Where do you stand in the hierarchy of EMS when it comes to skills and knowledge? Are you satisfied where you fit in?

You wouldn’t want a mediocre plumber or electrician doing work for you. Why would you expect a patient to accept a mediocre EMT or paramedic.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast below

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Don’t Settle For One EMS Option

As 2018 comes to an end I wanted to get one more episode of the podcast in and answer a question I get a lot from members and those I coach on a one to one basis.

The question? “Jim, why do you recommend other peoples products, websites and services?”

Yeah, you might think doing that hurts me as a small business owner. The thing is, I don’t have all the answers or even the best answers. But the one answer I do have is that “I know what is best for people to succeed”.

If that means I send them someplace else then so be it. However, many times it means my members and clients get the best of all worlds.

Take a listen and I think you will see what I mean and how this all applies to you as an EMS professional.

I know you will enjoy this quick 20 min episode and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.


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Leaning In | Taking Stock In EMS

This weeks podcast is from a FaceBook Live I did. I talk about filtering content for EMS and how that can benefit you and your patients more. I also talk about the idea of “leaning in”.  I was listening a mentor of mine who is not in EMS actually but he was talking about this idea of Leaning In and I immediately knew how close it applies to EMS.

Take a listen below

Are You Biding Your Time In EMS?

Do you see EMS as a career? A profession worthy of education and dedication at the individual level?

Or do you view it as a stepping stone.

Recently there has been some discussion on two real sections of EMS. The ambulance drivers and the paramedics.

Join us for our take on this along with more discussion on everything EMS.

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