Surviving Sandy, EMS Disaster Response and Recovery

Take a listen to this episode as Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan and I discuss Hurricane Sandy and how it effected EMS in the Northeast. We were also joined by Rob the PIO from Sussex Cty Delaware who gave us some great insight into how they prepared for Sandy, things that had be changed on the fly and how the used social media like Facebook and Twitter to inform the community on a minute by minute basis on Sandy and the resources available. Thanks to John Broyles and Epijunkie for joining us in the chat room.

Show Notes:

EMS Family Resources – This is a nationwide support group for EMS. Visit, join and consider making a donation.

NIEHS webpage for Hurricane Sandy

OSHA page on hurricane preparedness and response.

Be sure to share your resources in the comments as well. A growing list of support resources, how to help both victims and EMS agencies affected by this disaster can make this a great overall resource for many others.

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