EMS Drug Administration Routes

There are various routes paramedics and EMS providers can give drugs in the field. It’s important to remember what is available to you as an EMS professional and what your local EMS protocols allow. We know the whole “Right medication, right dose, right patient, right time, and right route”…. Right?


Is There Room For Drug Errors In EMS?

With a recent article and some fall out on a medic and drug administration error. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss this topic. What should happen if a drug error is made? Should the penalty be the same regardless of the drug, patient or outcome? Have you ever given the wrong drug or dosage? Listen to this discussion and be sure to check out the survey results below and share your own drug error story or opinion.


Show Notes

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Update news article on Lido error.

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Where Do You Stand On EMS Medication Errors?

A recent article on a Tennessee Paramedic who was demoted and suspended for a medication administration error has received some interesting responses on sites like JEMS and EMS1. It has also spurred several EMS bloggers to weigh in on their feelings and observations about this case and topic in general. This Sunday at 7PM I will be talking about this during the live EMS Office Hours show and hope you can join me.

In the meantime I posted a short poll below to get your take on this subject and will discuss the results during the show. If this poll is anything like the last one, the feedback should be interesting.

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Check out the article, feedback and blogs on this topic.

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Steve at The EMT Spot has some mixed feelings and asked for yours as well.

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