Expanding The EMT Role | What’s At Stake?

Giving nitro, albuterol treatments, epi pens and now intranasal narcan. While giving or assisting patients with these medications can be beneficial, is proper training and oversight being provided along with these added responsibilities. How many EMT’s want these added responsibilities? Should EMT’s even have these responsibilities?


Show notes:

Bob Sullivan – EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

How Big Or Little Should EMS Treatment Go?

Ever notice how some EMS providers do everything to it’s maximum while others go at a slower, smaller pace? Which is right and which is wrong. Is there a right and wrong? Listen in on this weeks lively discussion on drug dosages, IV sizes and more.


Show guests:

Mark Albert

Tim Noonan

Josh Knapp

EMS Pharmacology – The Main Blockers

ems pharmacologyDealing with drugs in EMS can be confusing and I know that I have to continually refresh my memory on drug actions, dosages and administration routes. It is also important to be aware of what RX meds patients take and how they can effect a patients presentation or even the drugs you want to give. In this weeks quick Monday Minutes audio, I bring up some key elements to Beta, Calcium and Sodium Channel Blockers. I hope this short reminder will keep this information fresh in your mind when considering your patient care and clinical impressions.


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