The Right EMS Equipment, The Right Call

EMS2Do you bring in every piece of equipment on every call?

Or do you make judgements based on call types, locations or experience?

This weeks podcast I am joined by EMS educator and blogger Rommie Duckworth and we talked about what is the right equipment to bring in on EMS calls.

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Is Your Equipment With Johnny and Roy?

Have you looked around at your agencies equipment lately?

It seems like so many EMS organizations are so stuck with the main stream products, they refuse or are too hesitant to try and evaluate new products that hit the EMS industry all the time. Take a listen to this weeks minutes and be sure to leave your product evaluation tips below.

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EMS Equipment. Use, Care and Operation

We all check the ambulance each day. But putting a check mark on your sheet really goes beyond acknowledging the equipment is there. Jim talks about checking the ambulance, equipment safety, it’s use and ways to help make the most of your equipment resources. [Read more…]