Do We Lie In EMS?

Do you think we lie in EMS? To our patients, our partners or our bosses. Maybe we do it to avoid uncomfortable questions, to keep the peace or to keep our EMS jobs.

Listen to this episode below and maybe you can answer the question. Have you ever lied as an EMS provider?

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Being Brutally Honest With Your Patients

EMS On this recent episode Josh and Dave took the reins to discuss when or if EMS providers should be telling patients they are having
a stroke, a heart attack or even if they are going to die.

Sparked by a podcast on Ted Talks it got Josh asking who should be speaking for the industry on this topic?

Take a listen and be sure to leave your thoughts and how you handle these situations.

Do We Lie In EMS?

AUDIO4 This week Jim and Josh talk about telling lies in EMS. Mainly being able to navigate the waters between getting ourselves in trouble, our partners or just   trying to stay below the radar. We all want to the right thing. Maybe sometimes telling a lie or omitting the truth helps us survive in EMS. But telling the  truth up front can save us just as much and avoid someone else’s version of the truth from becoming your version.

What do you think? Take a listen and leave your goodie two shoes comments below.

Join Jim at here and check out Josh over at WANTYNU.

Should We Lie To Patients?

When your patient asks if he is having a heart attack, do you tell him, no matter how bad the 12 lead looks? Have you ever avoided these quesions, told white lies or just plain lied in what you thought was the best interest to the patient? What do you think? When does a patients stress level or anticipated reacition influence what or how you tell them?


Show notes:


Tim Noonan – RogueMedic

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Put Your Hands Behind Your Back, It’s For Your Own Good.

So, your alert and orientated patient is refusing to go to the hospital despite your advice to them that you feel a real emergency may be going on. You should:

A – Just have them sign the paper and leave

B – Call Medical Control to consult

C – Have the patient handcuffed and taken against their will

Or is there a D, E, and F to choose from?

Based on a recent post by The Happy Medic and from comments on the comments by the RogueMedic, I chime in since I have heard the answer to this before. HINT: It wasn’t “B”.  Take a listen to this weeks minutes and leave your thoughts and what you would do in the comments below. 

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