Diabetic Emergencies | Hypoglycemia | EMS Quick Study Help

Use these EMS study tips to help you pass EMS exams and build your knowledge base. This installment focuses on the hypoglycemic diabetic patient.


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Immune System | EMS Quick Study Tips

This short, uncool and non sexy Monday Minutes talks about the immune system.

Take a few minutes to watch and get the key points on this topic to help you on your next EMS exam.

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EMS Exam Tips | August 2013

Taking and passing EMS exams can be stressful. It often means getting or keeping employment. In this Monday Minutes I focus on three key strategies you can use to help you succeed on your next EMT or paramedic exam.


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Is There A Science To EMS Exam Prep?


Taking any EMS exam is challenging. The amount of content you are expected to remember and know how to apply all piled into a 200 question test can seem overwhelming.

spellcheckThis week we talk about some tips and methods that have worked for us when taking exams, the systems that Jim recommends to his website members and discuss some  techniques used by others as well.

Less face it, passing the exam means you get to work or keep working. There’s a lot on the line and no one is going to give you the answers to the questions.

Take a listen to this episode as Jim, Josh and caller Dan Limmer discuss this topic, joined by John Broyles in the live chat room.

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Show Notes:

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