The Fine Line Of EMS Humor

OK, with a recent focus on a “sick & twisted” EMS Facebook page by local news, EMS sites and other pages. I decided to get on with Josh and talk about the dark humor in EMS.

While the Facebook page in question may have gone a bit too far. There is a line I think with this type of gallows humor and where it crosses is often up to the provider.

But there is a line and there is dark humor in EMS. If you don’t think there is or that it will go away, you’re not being honest and may have lost touch with the realities of EMS.

Take a listen to this weeks episode below.

We also talked about this back in 2012 along with some special guests. Check out this episode and see what’s changed if anything. That episode is here. 

Read the local news article on this here. 

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EMS Humor. Unique or Uncalled For?

I’m sure you have heard of gallows humor. You hear it in various professions and EMS is no different. Some use it as a coping mechanism, others as a way to bond and express frustration about the job with their peers.  Is there a line that can get crossed? Does it make you an uncaring provider of you use it? We also talked a little about practical jokes in EMS and gave some examples you should not try at home.

Join me and Josh as we discuss this along with Tim Noonan the Rogue Medic.

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