EMS Bathroom Breaks, Instructor Engagement and…

Dave, Jim and Josh talk about a method some instructors use to help their students even though the student probably thinks otherwise. Plus why bathroom breaks in EMS are different.

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When Your EMS Instructor Thinks It’s Boot Camp

EMS Some EMS instructors can take the hard nosed approach to teaching. Treating their position as one of power rather than mentor.  Why is it that we often encounter these instructors and heaven forbid we complain about them. We might as well stay home and give ourselves a failing skill sheet.

Is there a method to their approach? Or is this type of training out of place in the EMS educational environment?

Join us as we discuss this and try to decide if there is a method to it or if we are just being too damn sensitive.

Show notes

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Thanks to Dave Aber, Rommie Duckworth and Josh for joining me on the call. A big shout out to John Broyles as well for keeping the chat room lively.

Share your EMS instructor stories below.

Did they tell you about that? EMS surprises

You’re an EMS provider. You’ve listened to your instructor, supervisor, FTO and anyone else who can give you that insight into the world of EMS right?  But did they ever tell you about certain things you will see, be asked to use or be prepared to act on?  At what point does it become your responsibility to know about these surprises? Take a listen as Josh Knapp and I discuss this along with the Chat room.

Show notes:

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