Patient Abuse Reporting In EMS

A recent YouTube video showcases a recorded conversation between an employee and management. The root of the issue was reporting elder abuse by a healthcare worker. How do you handle these situations? Through management or state reporting systems. What do you expect or should you expect from filing the report? Listen in on this topic and a reminder on scene awareness.

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Communication Failures | Part III Management

Part three in this series talks about communicating with EMS management. Have you ever felt like management isn’t listening? The QA/QI guy is out to get you? Your supervisor just doesn’t seem to remember she was on the ambulance once. Listen in to this episode and maybe get some insight to the back rooms of management and what goes on behind that door. Why you should care and how you can be a part of it.

EMS Management Should Include Being A Mentor

ems leadershipI usually focus on street tips or things that effect EMS providers in the field. I realize this is unfair and that one aspect of EMS that is often ignored is management or supervisory topics. This week I try and point out how EMS managers need to be the leader in their organization but also should consider being a mentor as well to their employees. Take a listen and if you are a manager or hold a leadership role in your organization, what tips do you have to help be a mentor to your staff.


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