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We have a lot of resources and tools available to us in EMS. The more technology advances the better our options become with everything from patient care devices to electronic equipment we use. On the back end of this is you the employee or the EMS manager. Let’s face it, without the actual people doing the job all that fancy equipment will just sit there being…. fancy.

Aladtec’s EMS Manager employee scheduling and management software is one of those tools that while set up on the back end, is used everyday on the front lines. Giving both employees and managers access to their powerful yet easy to use software from any web based device. If you have an internet connection then you can access your EMS Manager account.

Below is a great video that shows how EMS Manager has improved not only the efficiency of day to day scheduling but also how it has made it much more accurate and brought down the time its taken to manage employee scheduling and payroll from 20 hours to 4.

You can actually get a free customized trial of EMS Manager and check out all they have to offer in this innovative software. Go get the details and be sure to tell them EMS Office Hours sent you.


EMS Manager | Access Levels Can Help Manage Your Workforce

Have you tried the customized free trial of EMS Manager yet? They are sponsoring EMS Office Hours and other ProMed Network podcasts and I wanted to highlight some of the features of their software.  Of course the software works best when you have all your members able to log in and use it from any computer or smartphone. So check out this video that shows how to create new access levels in the EMS Manager Online Workforce Management and Employee Scheduling Software.

Access levels are a way to give certain edit or view privileges to different groups of members or employees. This could include giving the ability to edit only certain schedules for certain employees or allow someone access to reports but not the schedule editor.

While this video is only about five minutes long I think it shows how powerful and useful it can be.

Click here to go try it all out for yourself by signing up for their free customized trial and tell them EMS Office Hours sent you.

ED EMS Wait Times and DC EMS NYE Sickout

EMS How long have you waited for a bed at the ED? Did you or should you continue all patient care while you wait? We discussed this on the show along with the NYE DC EMS sick out where more than 100 providers called in sick on New Years Eve, coincidence or deliberate? Take a listen and post your thoughts below in the comments.

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Thank you to our sponsor EMS Manager. Go sign up for their free trial software by clicking here.

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