Driving The Ambulance Like A Maniac

This episode I am joined by Josh and we discuss those crazy ambulance drivers. But more importantly we talk about communication and focus on ways to promote change when faced with co-workers who may not be thinking about the bigger picture, safety and a successful EMS career.

Take a listen below

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Why Checking The Ambulance Goes Beyond A Check Sheet

EMS1We all have to check the ambulance at the beginning of our shifts. Yes tedious, yes at times it makes you think why you have to look for the ring cutter or occlusive dressing every time. As if someone is moving them around each day playing a little game of EMS Concentration.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast and my take and some tips on the ambulance check off.

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Taking Risks To Meet Expectations

ems paramedic questionsThis week the guys talk about EMS pay and what is enough pay for the risks involved. Speaking of risks. We also discuss the risks we take in order to meet expectations set by our agencies and even our training.

Take a listen and be sure to post what your optimal EMS salary would be below.

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The Factors Of Influence In EMS

EMS1This week Jim and Josh talk about what influences us as EMS providers when it comes to patient care and transport. They also bring up the subject of what influences management when it comes to how we operate in the field and what the individual provider can do in order to change those decisions.

This was a great episode join by David Brenner as well who had some great input on this topic. Take a listen and leave your thoughts below on what influences you day to day in EMS.


Do We Need Better Cross Training?

Skills5Ever think EMS should do more cross training with our law enforcement and fire counterparts or vice versa?

It can be hard to know what is expected of us at fire scenes, crime scenes and accidents. I am sure it is just as frustrating to police and fire when they don’t know what we expect or need from them on our calls.

Better inter agency training can certainly help alleviate confusion and make us appear much more in tune with each other to the public as well.

Thanks to my special guest Rommie Duckworth who is filling in for Josh for this episode and to John Broyles for holding it down in the chat room.


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Things You Should Know Partner

Live EMS WebinarsSharing our experiences with the new generation of EMS providers is important to help improve patient care and even EMS systems. As a new provider or maybe someone who is new to an agency you want to get that respect from the senior people. You want to be viewed as a great EMS partner.  My friend and lead instructor with NYC LaGuardia Community College’s Paramedic Program Steven Kanarian is going to join me in the first ever EMS Boot Camp Mini-Series.

Steve is going to bring his over 25 years as an EMS field provider and instructor to this one of a kind online presentation series and share his inside tips blended with actual field cases to help you get a true perspective on what you really need to know as an EMS provider, from a field point of view.

These sessions have been broken down over the next few months and the first one coming up on January 27th, 2011 will have Steven discussing his inside tips to run cardiac arrests, improve intubation skills and also some of the new AHA changes for 2010 recommendations.  This first installment of the series will kick things off by giving you a solid understanding of these situations from a field perspective.

Future sessions will continue with topics like:

  • MCI management and lessons learned from Mass casualty and USAR experience.
  • Trauma assessment tips with poignant cases  to learn from.
  • USAR lessons learned, how to prepare for a USAR career and some experiences never shared from September 11, 2001

I have worked with Steven in the past and he always delivers a great presentation with a lot of little sidebars that are the true gems in any lecture.

The best part is that these sessions are all held online right from your computer. All you need is an internet connection and speakers. So you can sit comfortably in your seat, drink your beverage, have a snack and enjoy this one of a kind content right from your home.

This entire series is free for live attendees. All you have to do to join us is visit the link below and register.

Click here for more details and to register today for this webinar.


BTW – I am always looking for instructors with interesting topics to join me for Boot Camp sessions. If you think you have a topic that would be interesting for the EMS community, give me a shout at jhoffman(at)ems-safety.com