Can EMS Stop Using O2 As The Go To?

Finally! EMS can stop using oxygen on patients…. Well not just yet.

Ever think that maybe patients would be just fine at a 94% Sp02 reading. Even when having a stroke or MI.?

A study on the benefits of oxygen and how an Spo2 reading as low as 93% or even 90% is just fine for patients.

This week on the show Jim is joined by Josh and Dave and they discuss this report and how even recent suggestions per the AHA has made using oxygen much different than it has been.

Take a listen below and be sure to read the report via the link below the audio.

The web based version of this report is on this page here.

You can check out Josh’s famous one of a kind Oxygen Wrench by clicking here.


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The Protocol Effect | Airway Management

In this installment of Office Hours we revisit the series “The Protocol Effect” and discuss airway management. Should this be controlled by written guidelines, clinical impressions or current research? Anyone who has been in the field knows a GCS of less than 8 or 10 doesn’t always mean a patient requires intubation or advanced airway management. Yet many protocols say to do just that. This may just be another time when providers need to prove their understanding of these skills, their need and the patients we treat. Take a listen to this episode and tell us about your guidelines and how you interpret them.

Show notes:

Thanks to Mr. JD Graziano for joining me on the show. Check out his podcast at and following on Twitter at @AJDGRAZIANO.

Listen to the Standing Orders podcast on The Future Of Airway Management here.