Troublesome EMS Partners & Enabling Agencies

What do you do when your partner just doesn’t want to follow the rules or when your agency turns a blind eye to it? 

This episode Dave, Jim and Josh talk about dealing with rule breaking partners agencies that let it happen and the back in the day mindset of EMS.

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Sharing Your EMS Secrets

It’s where is really happens right? We discuss the calls on the way there, we discuss them afterwards and we talk about everything EMS in that little space in the ambulance. It is pretty intimate when you think about it. It almost beckons us to tell our true opinions, our life stories and dreams to people we barely know.

But does what we say in that small private area stay there? While many feel it should, often it doesn’t. Depending on the system you work in, it could be a partner issue or lack of one that helps all those private thoughts and comments get shared. Yet we still share.

Do you? Have you found yourself trying not to share and then realize you are when its too late?

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Forgetful Partners and Seeing The Big Picture

This podcast reboot with’s Greg Friese talks about people who forget things during a shift. Whether it is restocking, checking an ambulance or even on scene awareness. It may be that understanding the bigger picture as partners and professionals is key to both patient care and harmony in the workplace.

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EMS and Frozen Orange Concentrate

This weeks episode has Josh Knapp from WANTYNU joining me as we talk about partners in EMS, the right way, wrong way and any way methods in EMS. It can boil down to how you use your frozen orange concentrate.

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EMS Partners – Good Bad or Ugly

Having a good partner in EMS can mean the difference between having a good tour or being tortured. What’s your definition of a good partner? Is it personality, professionalism, knowledge, skills or some combination of all. Listen in to hear Josh from WANTYNU give his opinion, Russell the Hybrid Medic talk about his positive experience when management tries to help and Jim teases EMT’s a little.

Show Notes:


Josh K. of

Russell Stine the Hybridmedic

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