EMS Patient Assessment | Pulses and…

This episode focuses on a common element in EMS patient assessment. Giving a patients heart rate is great but do we consistently describe a patients pulse quality so that every healthcare professional understands what we mean?

This video will give you an easy and accepted method in pulse quality description.

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Myocardial Infarction | EMS Assessment Tips

Patients with chest pain are common call types in EMS. While we may treat them as common that can lend itself to missing key points when assessing these patients. This weeks Monday Minutes focuses on the key points you should be thinking about when presented with the chest pain patient and potential myocardial infarction.

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Asthma | EMS Patient Assessment

This episode focuses on some key points when assessing your asthma patient. Part of a larger download over at Turbo Medic it gives some important elements when doing your EMS patient assessment on the asthmatic patient. It even talks how you can begin your assessment before you even get to the patients side.

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EMS Patient Assessment | Checking The Neck

This week I wanted to focus on the neck. When we do EMS patient assessment scenarios we often just look and verbalize things like tracheal deviation, midline blah blah blah. So here I just point out some key elements when assessing a patients neck for both medical and trauma. Yeah, it’s not rocket science but it’s not just looking for tracheal deviation either… what exactly is that anyway?


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Building Trust As An EMS Professional

medicsmalefemaleThis week we continue with the second part on building trust in EMS. In this episode we talk about training, skill building and personal abilities when it comes to building rapport with our patients.

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EMS Patient Assessment | Getting Useful Responses

Asking questions during our EMS patient assessment helps us decide and treat patients properly. But how do we get the best response from the patient with the limited time we have with them? This week I focus on a few strategies that may help you when you just aren’t getting the answers you need.


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EMS History Taking | Chest Pain

Depending on a patients chief complaint you may need to change up your history taking format in order to determine the best course of action in a timely manner. This weeks Monday Minutes is a little longer at about 17 minutes but I hope will help you formulate a mental flow chart when gathering history with your patient complaining of chest pain.


EMS Continuing Education

EMS Continuing Education

EMS Patient Assessment | Syncope

The syncope call is pretty common in EMS. All too often we tend to RMA these patients. But there are some key assessment flags you should be thinking about when evaluating these patients. Check out the short video below for a few EMS assessment tips to look out for during your next syncope encounter.



EMS Patient Assessment | Population Awareness

EMS patient assessments should be done on all patient contacts. This weeks video talks about some things to keep an eye out for with specific patient populations.

EMS Patient Assessment | Pediatric Bradycardia

Assessing pediatric patients is stressful and as EMS professionals we need to rely on our training to treat and transport these patients appropriately. Beyond the actual ECG we may see. We should be thinking about other causes and how we can treat them as well.


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