The Response To COVID Effects On EMS

After watching a video news article on the FDNY response to EMS members and their struggles with mental health during the COVID 19 Pandemic. We decided to talk about the lack of support that seems to be offered to EMS professionals after events like COVID.

Is this anything new? The mentality of suck it up and keep going seems to be business as usual. But the environments that EMS are facing these days is anything but.

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When EMS Response Overrides COVID-19 Dangers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Dangers to EMS professionals increase, protocols for our response keep changing and the personal decision to potential exposure is becoming a reality some may not be able to ignore.

EMS provider age, previous medical conditions and even family situations are playing a bigger part each day.

This episode talks about provider response. Especially when it comes to age and past medical history. When our desire and passion to help others conflict with potential or obvious dangers, how do we decide what is right and what is safe?

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The Arming Of EMS | New Top Salaries

This EMS Green Room episode talks about the arming of EMS and recent changes in top pay for EMS providers.


EMS Active Shooter Training

ambulance1MMThis week the hosts are joined by guest Thomas Calimano who discusses his experiences with active shooter training and how it relates to EMS. Tom gives some great insight into starting up an active shooter training program and some key elements to focus on.

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Using OTC Sleep Aids in EMS

Motivated by a recent Facebook post, Josh brought a pretty important topic to the show. He was surprised at the number of EMS professionals who use over the counter sleeping aids to fall asleep. We discussed some of the potential issues with this type of facilitated sleep as well as possible causes of sleep issues in the EMS field.

Take a listen and leave your thoughts below. Do you take sleep aids or need stimulants to stay awake when working i.e. coffee, energy drinks etc.?


Do You Know MRSA?

This week I talk about what MRSA is, how you can get it and more importantly how to avoid getting it.


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The Rapid Fire Show | July 2013

EMS This week we discussed us as providers and our working conditions vs. keeping ambulances on the road at any cost. Jim and Josh had a bit of a disagreement as well. Plus, ALS vs BLS in urban EMS, does increased violence against providers bring us closer to the arming of EMS and more.

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Surviving Sandy, EMS Disaster Response and Recovery

Take a listen to this episode as Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan and I discuss Hurricane Sandy and how it effected EMS in the Northeast. We were also joined by Rob the PIO from Sussex Cty Delaware who gave us some great insight into how they prepared for Sandy, things that had be changed on the fly and how the used social media like Facebook and Twitter to inform the community on a minute by minute basis on Sandy and the resources available. Thanks to John Broyles and Epijunkie for joining us in the chat room.

Show Notes:

EMS Family Resources – This is a nationwide support group for EMS. Visit, join and consider making a donation.

NIEHS webpage for Hurricane Sandy

OSHA page on hurricane preparedness and response.

Be sure to share your resources in the comments as well. A growing list of support resources, how to help both victims and EMS agencies affected by this disaster can make this a great overall resource for many others.

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The Last Monday Minutes

Here it is. The last Monday Minutes. Well, for 2011 anyways. This week I point out how other peoples New Years Resolutions can trickle into EMS. What do you look out for or have experienced in early January?


OBL Dead. Now Is Not The Time To Let Our Guard Down

wmd awareness

Courtesy Steven Kanarian 2011, Safety First 4T's MCI Response

With the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, we can finally relax right? Not so fast, safety is still a long way off. It is still vitally important that we keep our vigilance and maintain our own personal safety as EMS providers. That can be easier said than done. How do you approach potentially high profile assignments? Are you on the alert for secondary devices, potential traps and hazards that may not appear to be “out of place”? Listen to Jim and his guests
Tim Noonan, Josh Knapp and Steven Kanarian during this Office Hours as they talk a little about preparation, following rules and truly keeping safety in the balance.

Show Notes:


Josh Knapp of

Tim Noonan the Rogue Medic

Steven Kanarian from


Greg Frieses Terror Related MCI tips can be found here

The free recorded webcast with Steven Kanarian is located here

FEMA Site – This has various links to more information including online training discussed in the podcast.

Webbased self study course on Emergency Response to Terrorism is here.