Do You Have A Zero Accident Attitude?

Following an email from Greg Friese about EMS provider safety, I wanted to expand on his one idea of a Zero Accident Attitude or ZAA. This is something all first responders should be doing not only for their safety, but for the public as well. Take a listen and check out my reminders on this.

Show notes:

Everyday EMS Tips

I Need To Take My Own Advice

ems safety,scene safetySometimes even I can get caught up in all the excitement and forget what I preach on a regular basis. Safety. Take a listen to how I screwed up and had a nice reminder that when I say “Stay safe” I mean all of us, including me.

EMS Injury Prevention Part II – Upper Body

Jim was rejoined by Nathan Place ATC, this week and talked about injury prevention and rethinking how we move and use our bodies as a whole when lifting and moving patients in EMS. Plus Jim defines “washcloth abs”.

Nathan Place is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). You can contact him for information via email at nathanplace(at)