The Extension Of EMS

EMS1This week Jim, Josh and guest David Brenner talk about sharing EMS responsibilities with Fire, Law Enforcement and even camp counselors. When does it end, are the lines becoming blurred between what EMS does, patient care and who is best suited to perform interventions in the field?

Is it about the patients, budgets or turf?

Take a listen and leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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Suctioning Routes | EMS Skills

Do you know all suctioning routes in EMS?



EMS Skills | Assessing Lung Sounds

Assessing lung sounds in EMS as a paramedic or EMT can be difficult. All the background noise like diesel engines, radios, movement and even what a patient is wearing can really hinder what you are hearing. Knowing a baseline of what to expect to hear can be helpful. This week I talk about four common lung sounds we might hear as EMS providers.

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EMS Hare Traction Use

Using the Hare Traction splint for femur fractures in EMS. When should paramedics or EMT’s use or not use this device? Subscribe to me on YouTube at


Here is a great article on femur fractures

Losing Your EMS Skills | WWJD | 8/9/12

This week is a short EMS broadcast where I answer concerns about EMT skill degrading and when an EMS provider should seek out psychiatric help to deal with their job experiences.

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