A Quick Spinal Immobilization Session

EMS1This latest on the podcast has Jim, Josh and Dave talking about specific changes to protocols and the elimination of spinal immobilization. This was a quick session and we will most likely revisit this one soon.

Does your agency still use long boards for spinal immobilization? While I see many doing away with them, I also see others being stead fast in keeping them around.

Take a listen and be sure to leave some comments below.

Backboards, Evidence and EMS Pay | Rapid Fire September 2013

man-discuss-01This week was the Rapid Fire show for September. Josh and Jim had a little discussion on EMS pay, upcoming show thoughts and then were joined by Tim Noonan. They discussed the spinal immobilization topic and the recent presentation by Dr. Bledsoe at EMS World Expo this Month. Take a listen and join the discussion in the comments below.

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EMS podcast

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Spinal Clearance or Nonsense | BLS 12 Leads

AUDIO5This week we talk about two topics that never seem to get old. Spinal immobilization, specifically a recent extrication that was not needed and spinal clearance guidelines.

We also will discuss the idea of BLS doing 12 leads in the field.

Take a listen with guests Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan, Dave Aber, John Broyles and Rommie Duckworth for this fast moving episode, filled with wonder.

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This code three response to a single vehicle rollover demonstrates the importance of re-assessment of your patients and keeping your thought process going as a paramedic and good EMS provider.