EMS Quick Study Help | The Nervous System

This installment starts off the nervous system. Watch this video for key points to look for on your next EMS exam and how they can help you with patient care and documentation.


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Cellular Metabolism | EMS Quick Study Help E6

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Help series continues with A&P and cellular metabolism and cellular respiration. These key areas should help you focus on what you may be challenged with on this topic and perhaps assist you in recalling important terms when taking your next EMS exam.


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Hemothorax | EMS Study Help

This week is a quick video covering the basics of patients with a hemothorax.


EMS Study Help | Diabetic Types

This Monday Minutes covers types of diabetes. Understanding the differences between Type I and Type II can help you in your patient assessments, documentation and even when taking exams. Watch this quick 10 minute video and be sure to share, Like and comment.


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Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis | EMS Study Help

This week I did an EMS mind map to help with EMS studies on the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and allergic reactions.

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It Pays To Stay Fresh In EMS

banner3apRecently I had the pleasure of presenting an EMS webinar.

When preparing for the presentation I had to research and brush up on some topics and while I am comfortable in many areas of EMS  there is always room for improvement.

Listen, we can’t remember everything and even when we feel we have a firm grasp on a subject there’s always one or two things you may second  guess yourself on.

As you know I am big supporter of building your knowledge in EMS and feel  you never know everything and there is always room for broadening your education.

One tool I used is the Human Anatomy Course. This is a real go to resource for me  quite often for my webcasts, exam creation and blogging.

While many of us tend to focus on this during initial EMT or paramedic training. It really is a foundational topic that we should revisit once in awhile.

But who wants to keep huge textbooks lying around right?

The beauty of this resource is that it is all digital and you keep it on your computer for easy access and reference.

To find out what this is all about and how you can claim it for your EMS library, just visit the link below.


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A Look At Brain Hematomas | EMS Study Help

This week I highlight a few points from the Adult Trauma Brain Injury resource from the main site. Just a quick review of the three most common hematomas when it comes to traumatic head injuries.

Get the free .pdf resource mentioned in the video – click here for this EMS study resource.

The Cardiovascular System In Five Minutes

Here is another Mp3 you can download as part of the Monday Minutes quick study resource library. Remember this isn’t an exhaustive resource on the topic but using this along with other study habits can help you build a firm understanding. If you haven’t tried it yet, I think you will find that audio study tools like this really help with not just exams but also with day to day activities as an EMS professional.


Check out the previous installment on the Nervous System here.

Your EMS Questions Answered

Want your EMS questions answered? Having difficulty with something in your paramedic, EMT or other training and need help? Maybe you just have a burning question about EMS, a clinical or skill issue you always wondered about. Take a listen to this new feature and spread the word.

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Two New Free Resources

Part of the Monday Minutes is providing resources, links, reviews and insights on EMS products and websites. I did this short special video edition of Monday Minutes this week to showcase two new resources that I have just added to the EMS Professional family. Both are free so be sure to tell your EMS buds.