Trauma Hemorrhage and Shock | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the Monday Minutes continues with Trauma and focuses on key elements when it comes to hemorrhage and shock.

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Building Your EMS Knowledge Base

Study5This week Josh, Jim and David opened the discussion up and talked about various EMS topics. One of them being building your knowledge base in EMS. What is too much information? Nice to know vs. need to know for your patients.

Take a listen and leave your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Preparing New EMS Providers | Beyond The Textbook

!cid_1A4117EE-C2FC-40DA-8ED5-4309CD462105As an EMS professional you have sat in class, studied the content, taken the exams and have even continued your education in CEU’s. But with all this book learnin’ how can you translate the textbook into the field?
The calls we go on don’t adhere to the textbook and the patients have not read them either. So, the balancing act is ever present between the text and the reality of EMS.

Listen as Jim, Josh and guest Bob Sullivan discuss the disconnect and some of the issues new EMS providers face.

Thanks to Joe P, John Broyles and Tom Bouthillet and others for joining in the chat room.

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The Nervous System In 5 Minutes

This Monday Minutes I am introducing a new feature where I will cover a small niche area of EMS that is aimed to help you review the topic and point out key areas that can help you on exams, during patient care and understand what you can expect to see and how your care can effect your patients.

This week – The Nervous System. While this certainly can’t be covered in five minutes, this episode will hopefully help point out those key areas that you may see on your next EMS exam.

No Substitute For The Real Thing

While there is no substitute for the experience on that real crazy trauma call or the medical call that runs every algorithm in the book,
preparation can help. Are you prepared or do you know it all already?

EMS Information Overload

With so much information out there and different ways to get it, how do you avoid information overload? Can there be such a thing in EMS? Jim has a quick view on that in this weeks Monday Minutes. What do you think?