National Curriculum, EMS Titles and Hurdles

New titles and changes in EMS levels present some challenges to EMS. Some states are leaving certain level names as is, some are adding another level. These changes also present a challenge to the volunteers in EMS and funding available.

Shouldn’t every state adopt what the National Curriculum has presented? Is this a death knoll to the volunteer system or a chance for them to embrace and meet the changes that look to improve the EMS profession?

Take a listen to this session an give your point of view on the EMS transitions.

Show Notes

Thanks to Tim and Bob for joining us and lending their insight.

Tim Noonan at Rogue Medic

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

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Your Thoughts On Arming EMS?

This week there was no live podcast.  I did want to highlight one post we did back in February that I think is worth revisiting a little. The link is below. Be sure to post your comments and or tips.

Click here to listen to Arming of EMS.

The Reality Of Geriatrics In EMS

Ahh yes, the drive to be an EMT. The car wrecks, shootings, heart attacks and cardiac arrests. But once you have that nice EMT card you quickly realize that most of what you are doing are geriatric patients. All with a wide variation of illnesses, history and medication lists long enough to fill way more than that little space on your chart allows.

So I ask you, did you expect that part of EMS? Have you embraced it yet? If not you should. It’s not going to change and it’s certainly not going to get any better. Be sure to jump in on this episode and share your thoughts on this topic.

Show notes:

Thanks to Rommie Duckworth for joining me in Josh’s absence. Check Rom out at Rescue Digest and follow him on Twitter at @romduck

Great input as well from David Aber of EMS Difference. Follow Dave on Twitter at @emsdifference

Watch the Geriatric presentation from the EMS Web Summit here

Get information on the GEMS course here

Find out about the AMLS course by clicking here



Assessing EMS Patient Assessment

Patient assessment in EMS is pointed to as the key ingredient with our patient contacts. Yet how much time is really spent on this in class? Things like the importance of reassessment, differential diagnosis and treatments. We seem to have this pride of ABCDE, DCAP, BTLS and knowing it, sticking to primary and secondary surveys. But what about really knowing what we are looking for and identifying true emergencies instead of fitting patients into protocols? Check out this episode, share your patient assessment tips and tell us your indoctrination into “patient assessment”.

Thanks to Bob Sullivan for dropping by with his thoughts. Loved the “treat every question as if it may be the last one you get to ask” tip.

Show notes:

Greg Friese article “Patient Assessment: A non-linear process” and comments at

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Does EMS Need All These Certification Levels?

EMS seems to be always trying to find an identity. New guidelines on certification levels are out and some things have been removed, added etc. Wouldn’t it be easier and make more sense to just do away with all these levels and make one primary level to build upon. One that actually helps patients and is a serious part of the health care process? Listen in and find out.

Show notes:

Russell Stine –

Getting Paid For What You Do In EMS

It’s a common complaint right? EMS doesn’t get paid enough. Arguments on education, training levels, license vs. certification. All trying to justify higher pay or why we don’t deserve it. Yet, where is the incentive if we don’t get paid just a little extra for some things we do now that seem to get lumped into our job descriptions. Listen to this discussion and share your experiences.

Been There, Got The T-Shirt. Now What?

So, you have your HAZMAT training, your tactical training or maybe some cool high angle rescue training. Now what? How many EMS systems and providers utilize EMS for these tasks as a primary response entity? Wouldn’t awareness or perhaps a step above awareness for these types of courses be better and open the training up to a larger EMS audience? Education and training is great, but shouldn’t we focus more on the “Medical” in EMS and leave this rescue stuff to Fire or Police?  Have you taken a course like this? Have you used it on a scene?

Show notes:

NREMT Mastery Course

12-Lead ECG ChallengeITunes OR Droid

The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedics Experiences After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

DT4EMS – Tactical Self Defense

Jump Start Your EMS Fitness Goals

Summer is here and many providers, myself included are trying to get into shape, eat better and stay physically and mentally fit for the unique challenges of EMS. This week we welcome a special guest Lucie A. Knapp, MSW, LCSW to Office Hours. Lucie will share with us some key points to jump start fitness goals and how to stay on track during those busy EMS days.

Show Notes:

Josh Knapp –

Tim Noonan –

Lucie Knapps’ website –

Lucie also recommends

In the area of monitoring:


Life is Hard,Food is Easy  by Linda Spangle

End of Overeating by David Kessler,MD

Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, Ph.D
Book and blog mentioned by Tim.

ems facebook

Paramedic IV Start Pack Tips

As a paramedic, do you keep an IV start pack with you for quick IV access? Jim gives his IV start pack layout along with a few other tips that may help when beginning an IV in the back of a moving ambulance. What does your start pack contain?

More IV Help at EMS Boot Camp – Click here.

Lessons Learned | Fatigue In EMS

This Office Hours touched on lessons we can learn from the calls we do. Whether it’s that serious call or maybe a treatment method. Each response gives an opportunity for providers to grow and learn as EMS professionals. Jim was joined by the Hybrid Medic Russell Stine and also chatted about fatigue in EMS and it’s dangers. Take a quick listen and be sure to share something you learned recently in the comments below.

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