When Patients Care About Where You Take Them

This was a Facebook Live version of the show and we talk about patients requesting specific hospitals and sick vs, very sick.

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When Drunks Want Out, Who Are We To Stop Them?

Remember the part of EMT and Paramedic class about babysitting? Me neither. Sure we should take care of patients and prevent people from harming themselves. But at what expense? Provider injury to stop someone from doing something stupid? Maybe even dumber  than what they have already done to be in your ambulance in the first place.

Take a listen to this weeks episode about the drunk who would be free. Only to sue EMS for his actions.


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Psychiatric Patients | Medical, Mental or Both?

Is it Emergency Medical Services or Mental Services? I’m not sure about where you work but by me, psychiatric calls are just as abundant as chest pain calls and MVC’s. Pretty much the one call you can count on every shift.

This week we talk about transporting the psychiatric patient, why EMS is saddled with this often “expensive taxi ride” that stresses providers and the system resources. Is more training for EMS the answer, better utilization of non emergency resources or perhaps a smarter approach to each patient including how and where we transport them.

Show notes

Thanks to Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp, Brian Breithaupt and Walter Dusseldorp for joining in. Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.

Here is a position paper by National Association of EMS Physicians that was offered up by Joe P. in the chat room

Patient Restraint in EMS

EMS patient rapport



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Is Treating To CYA Enabling 911 Abuse?

Too often we get patients who don’t need an ambulance never mind the care we can give. Call it job security, just part of the job, whatever. But does responding and transporting these “patients” just give them the green light to keep calling 911 for a high priced taxi ride?

People talk. When we start IV’s, give oxygen, do EKG’s on patients who clearly don’t need it and we are doing it to CYA with our QA/QI department or hospital staff. It just sends a message to these people that “hey, last time I called 911 I got all this treatment and was whisked right into the ED”.

Shouldn’t we be treating each patient as needed? Based on assessment and not a protocol? What do you think?

Show notes:

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Staying Ahead Of EMS Transport Oddities

Last week on Office Hours we discussed various situations where EMS transport decisions aren’t so cut and dry. For this Monday Minutes I wanted to point out a few things you can do to stay prepared if when these situations arise.


Join us for this weeks EMS Office Hours for “Been There, Got The T-Shirt” do we really need all this specialized training?

EMS Transportation Decisions

In EMS, transportation of our patients can mean many or few options. Patient condition, requests and appropriateness all play a part in deciding how, when and why we transport them. What about special considerations and a patients needs and comfort? Sometimes we are driven by written guidelines and others what is right for the patient. This very lively episode tries to give some important points on this everyday EMS occurrence. What’s your take on transportation decisions?


Show notes:

Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic

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If You Pay For An ER Appointment, Is There An Emergency?

ems patient care transportWith more emergency departments being overwhelmed with patients. Some are trying to alleviate the amount of people showing up at specific times. Doing things like texting people wait times and even allowing people to pay for an off peak appointment. Will this have any effect on EMS or is this just hospitals responding to an overload of non emergent ED visits. Won’t this just encourage more non emergent visits? Checkout this podcast below and give your take on this topic and how you think EMS will be helped or hurt by these initiatives.

Great chat room interaction and a few non EMS callers that made it interesting.

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