Poisoning & OD | EMS Quick Study Help Part 29

EMS paramedic study guide tips for cholinergic and anticholinergic poisonings or overdoses. Types, signs and symptoms as well as management of poisoning patients in the EMS field.


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Is EMS Saying Goodbye To Cold Cool?

ems paramedic questionsThis episode we discuss recent changes seen in cardiac arrest hypothermia treatment in the pre hospital setting. This along with differences in trauma arrest guidelines and a few other tidbits make for another interesting show.

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Read about AHA recommendations below.

Part 8 Post–Cardiac Arrest Care Circulation-2015-Callaway-S465-82



Using Time To Guide EMS Patient Care

goldenhouremsEarly in EMS education we are presented with the idea that “time” is a factor in much of what we do. Golden Hours, Platinum Ten Minutes, Time is Muscle etc.

While some of these can help us with our treatment and transport decisions, have you ever wondered or questioned if they are getting in the way of patient care?

As EMS providers we bring much of the Emergency Department to the patient. Even more so we are expected to provide certain levels of care to our patients prior to delivery to these ED’s.

I am sure that you have been questioned or made to feel like less of a provider when you don’t provide certain aspects of care. Even when it was due to trying to follow dictated “time” constraints that are expected and may have been in the patients better interest to transport rather than perform a skill prior to arrival at the ED.

So what do you think? Are these time markers valuable to us as providers or helpful?

Do we end up focusing too much on them and not on what is best for the patient?

Join David, Jim, Josh and caller Donald for this episode as we discuss this and other popular EMS topics.


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When Your Patient Is A Train Wreck

Each patient we see as EMS providers presents a challenge. Once in awhile we get a patient who is a bit more than we anticipated. Jim talks about these patients in this episode and points out one key principle that is a fail safe for any paramedic or emt. Listen in to hear how some callers deal with patients who are outside the box.

Here is the article brought up during this session on Hypothyroidism and AMS.

The AMS case study by the Hybridmedic – http://hybridmedic.com/2010/10/25/case-study-altered-mental-status/

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