Whose Patient Is This Anyway?

EMS goes beyond just you and your partner. Other EMS agencies, first responders, law enforcement and even doctors all may be a part of your next call. How do you deal with this interaction, decide on patient care and transport? Is it as simple as higher medical authority? Should it be? Listen to this episode and post your inter-agency interactions, patient treatment & transport decisions and whose patient is it anyway in the comments below.


Show Notes:

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp at WANTYNU.com

EMS Continuing Education

EMS Continuing Education


When Does Someone Become A Patient?

ems patient care refusalWhen do you think a patient is well – a patient. Who gets to say? You, the 911 caller, law enforcement? Listen in as Jim was joined by a few other EMS pros on this topic. Be sure to leave your views on this in the comments below. What’s your story?


Show Notes:

JEMS article from Dr. Bledsoe – http://www.jems.com/article/administration-and-leadership/ems-system-abuse

The Hybrid Medic – http://hybridmedic.com

Wantynu Oxygen Wrench – http://wantynu.com

EMS Boot Camp – http://emsbootcamp.com