Diabetic Emergencies | Hyperglycemia | DKA | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This session of the Monday Minutes focuses on DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Great review for diabetic emergencies and hyperglycemia patients. This video is geared to help you build your EMS paramedic knowledge and pass EMS exams successfully.


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Diabetic Emergencies | Hypoglycemia | EMS Quick Study Help

Use these EMS study tips to help you pass EMS exams and build your knowledge base. This installment focuses on the hypoglycemic diabetic patient.


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EMS Student, Preceptor Education Balance

Being an EMS paramedic or EMT student is tough. Yet being a preceptor is equally hard. I see too many of each not approaching common struggles the right way. Which leads to frustration and overwhelm and even having students quit their studies.

This episode of the podcast I talk a bit about how to balance it all out and how everyone has to be accountable.

Take a listen below

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Diabetic Emergencies | Types and Causes | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the Monday Minutes focuses on Diabetic emergencies. Part one covers key elements like types, common names and causes. 


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Hierarchy of EMS | Where Do You Fit In?

Where do you stand in the hierarchy of EMS when it comes to skills and knowledge? Are you satisfied where you fit in?

You wouldn’t want a mediocre plumber or electrician doing work for you. Why would you expect a patient to accept a mediocre EMT or paramedic.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast below

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Chest Pain Causes | Cardiac Emergencies | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This final episode of the Cardiac Emergencies section ends with an overview of he causes of chest pain. It’s important to think about other causes besides angina or an MI.

Watch the video for key points to help you with EMS paramedic exams and your patient care as an EMS professional.


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Can EMS Stop Using O2 As The Go To?

Finally! EMS can stop using oxygen on patients…. Well not just yet.

Ever think that maybe patients would be just fine at a 94% Sp02 reading. Even when having a stroke or MI.?

A study on the benefits of oxygen and how an Spo2 reading as low as 93% or even 90% is just fine for patients.

This week on the show Jim is joined by Josh and Dave and they discuss this report and how even recent suggestions per the AHA has made using oxygen much different than it has been.

Take a listen below and be sure to read the report via the link below the audio.

The web based version of this report is on this page here.

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Cardiovascular Emergencies | Assessment | EMS Quick Study Tips

This episode of the EMS quick study help tips continues with cardiovascular emergencies and focuses on assessment and management. These key elements will help you come EMS exam time.
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Dysrhythmias | Cardiovascular Emergencies | EMS Study Help

What dysrhythmias will you see in cardiovascular emergencies and what can cause them?

This episode of the EMS quick study help tips talks about the things that can cause irregular heart rhythms and how knowing these key points can help you on EMS paramedic exams and also when assessing your patients.

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ECG Monitoring | Cardiovascular Emergencies | EMS Study Help Tips

ECG monitoring is a big part of being a paramedic in EMS. When we assess our cardiovascular emergency patients there are key elements you must know and understand. This helps you make appropriate treatment and transport decisions and also helps you when taking EMS exams.

This weeks Monday Minutes focuses on ECG monitoring and gives key points you will see on EMS exams.

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