What Do Paramedics Want? | EMS Trend Survey

Ever wonder what other EMS professionals want from their career?

Is it inline with your desires or concerns in EMS?

Join Jim and Greg Friese as they talk about some highlights in the EMS Trend Report.

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How EMS1 Chooses Content

This weeks podcast is joined by EMS1.com’s Greg Friese. Greg took some time with Jim to discuss just how a big EMS site like EMS1.com chooses content to show it’s readers.

This was a very interesting episode and will give you a behind the scenes peek at where all that content and subject matter comes from when you click on that EMS1 link.

Plus Greg and Jim talk about click bait headlines and the idea of when a subject is “too soon”.

Take a listen below

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When They Ask For A Doctor and You Show Up

EMS This is a great reboot session with Greg Friese and remember that EMS Boot Camp sessions can now be found at EMSSEO.com.
For this episode we ask: “Have you ever helped the man down, stopped at an MVA or even performed CPR while off duty?”

As EMS professionals we sometimes find ourselves in a position to act while off duty.
For this Office Hours Greg and Jim talked a little about doing just that. You never know when someone may call out “Is there a doctor in the house?”. You would probably be surprised that they would prefer an EMT anyway.

I would love to hear your off duty story. Share it below in the comments.

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EMS Blog Of The Year | Why You Shouldn’t Vote For Me



Solutions For Frequent Flyers | Why Am I Looking There?

This week Jim comments on the Ntg and IV access thought process, the grounding frequent flyer program at SFFD and asks a question about examining patients private areas.

Show links:

Reeves EMS – http://reevesems.com

EMS Grants Help – http://emsgrantshelp.com

Ntg vs IV – http://ambulancedriverfiles.com/2010/10/what-comes-first-the-nitro-or-the-iv/

Frequent Flyer Article –  http://www.emsworld.com/features/article.jsp?siteSection=4&id=15340

EMS and Technology With EMS1.com’s Kris Kaull

I did this interview with Kris back in 2008 shortly after the launch of the EMS1.com webiste. Take a listen as I discuss EMS technology with him in this 30 minute interview.

About Krisendath D. Kaull, Online Director – EMS

Mr. Kaull manages the Praetorian Group’s online EMS initiatives, including EMS1 and its sub-sites, including ParamedicTV, Paramedic.com and EMSGrantsHelp.com. He supervises all aspects of daily site operations, with an additional focus on company-wide online growth initiatives and internet collaborative functionality. During the course of 15 years in both rural and urban fire and EMS settings, he has worked as a street paramedic, field training officer, and Operations Manager.  Mr. Kaull has enhanced technology communications between field EMS providers and Emergency Departments, has provided expert content review of EMS/fire training materials, and has designed and maintained distance learning and delivery programs for EMS services.  Mr. Kaull frequently lectures on EMS issues; specifically in the realm of technology, distance education and electronic communications.