My EMS World Expo Podcast Experience

This week for Monday Minutes I wanted to post the video of one of the podcasts I was on. I am on the second half of this show, but the whole episode is worth a viewing. We talked about various topics and I think you will enjoy everyone’s take on the discussion. You can see more on the Expo and the EMSEducast by clicking here.


This episode of the EMSEduCast, recorded live at EMS World Expo 2011, is sponsored by the Chesapeake Health Education Program, providers of quality
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What Drives EMS Protocol Changes?

Joined by Mark Albert, Tim Noonan and Josh K, this weeks Office Hours discussed some thought processes behind protocol changes in EMS. Focused at recent changes in Morphine within proposed NYC REMAC guidelines, Mark gave some insight to the process that includes evidence based study, drug make-up and the many steps before a protocol gets changed (sort of like that old PBS skit on how a Bill becomes Law). Tim and Josh gave their insight as well and once again we hit the wall on time. Take a listen and post your thoughts below.

Show links:

CRUSADE Study: article (requires registration but it’s free and gives access to other great articles)

Article from EMS Village on the study.

AHA 2010 ACS

Also check out these results.

The Guests:

Tim Noonan at Rogue Medic

Josh K of  Wantynu

Mark Albert at EMSMedRX



Buck Feris – Gomerville

EMSEducast on Organ & Tissue Procurement

NYC REMAC Study Group Webinar