EMT, Paramedic or Just Driving Miss Daisy?

ambulance1MMEvery once in awhile we like to talk about the whole ambulance driver name tag. Should we care and why? Does it matter and the perception that gets us there.

But don’t we own part of the reason we are called Ambulance Drivers? With EMS Facebook pages touting Taxi this and shucking that, its no wonder we can’t shake the name. Plus the fact that the bulk of the call types we get really don’t leave us with much else to do but drive the ambulance.

A sensitive topic for sure. Take a listen to this one and share your thoughts and suggestions on how we shed this brand we have made for ourselves once and for all.

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Is The EMT’s Job Safer, Less Demanding? When Should Medics Change Careers?

EMS1The last show of 2012. The year went by fast and the show has gained many new listeners. We end this year with a look at a few popular topics in EMS. Including the new outlook for EMT employment, when a medic should be a PA and a few other hot items in the EMS interwebs.

Take a listen as Jim, Josh, Bob talk about these topics and are joined by John Broyles over in the chat room.

Show notes:

Here are the articles mentioned during the show

Bob Sullivan on when its time to become a PA

The Social Medic post on the miraculous improvement in EMT job outlook.



Interfacility Transport vs. 911 EMS

I was recently asked a question about my take on inter-facility transport EMS as opposed to 911 EMS. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight this topic this week. Great discussion with callers and live chat. Take a listen and be sure to post your comments below.

Show Notes

Tim Noonan at Rogue Medic

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